The Washington Post reports.

McCaughey writes, Not all 1,400 hospitals managed by VA are types of excellence, but the news about Walter Reed, which has been exacerbated by attack politicians from both parties, should not really obscure the reality about the typical of care for most veterans. McCaughey concludes, Facility shortcomings apart, the VA delivers better care than most hospitals . Broadcast Insurance Several broadcast applications reported on the Bush visit to Walter Reed. Summaries appear below. ABC’s Globe News : The segment includes responses from Bush and Muller . Video of the segment is definitely available online.So it's crucial we find out what's stopping young ladies from defending themselves against the disease. Providing more information to both young ladies and their parents on the safety of the vaccine and addressing the perceived lack of need for it is the first step. Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK's leader, said: While someone with an ethnic minority background myself and as a parent, this study highlights an extremely worrying reason why young ladies from some minority organizations don't obtain the HPV vaccine.