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Brain & Behavior Research Base announces recipients of NARSAD Investigator Grants THE MIND & Behavior Research Base , beneath the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, President & CEO, offers announced the most recent recipients of its NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Grants. The extremely competitive grants offer support for skilled investigators conducting neurobiological and behavioral study . One-calendar year grants of $100,000 each are given for established researchers pursuing particularly innovative task ideas in diverse regions of human brain and behavior study.

Add to that those previous supporters whose eye have been opened to the actual fact that Komen will practically nothing to market breast cancer prevention, and is a promoter of cancer-leading to mammograms mainly, and you possess a situation where among the nation’s largest cancers organizations can be on the brink of collapse. An enormous boycott of most things ‘pink’ happens to be underway aswell, as the results of Komen’s ridiculous pinkwashing fraud are finally arriving at fruition. Tired of all of the cancer-causing items like KFC fried poultry ‘buckets for the treatment’ and alcohol consumption donning pink ribbon labels, the general public is starting to say, enough will do. The cancer industry isn’t thinking about curing cancerAs we’ve said numerous occasions before, the cancer sector, which includes cancer groupings like Komen, is actually simply big business posing as humanitarian efforts.