The condition could cause meningitis.

Calgary doctors research how to minimize complications from Cryptococcus disease Cryptococcus disease is definitely a uncommon but serious infection resulting from inhaling a toxic fungus often found in fir trees. Approximately 250 people have been contaminated with the condition in British Columbia since its emergence in 1999. The condition could cause meningitis, pneumonia and in 10 percent of cases it can lead to death. Little is known about how the fungus leaves the bloodstream and enters the brain; however, researchers at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine have made a key observation. Using a mouse model, Drs. Meiqing Shi and Christopher Mody and their group noticed that a course of therapeutic drugs already approved for additional medical uses could quit the fungus from crossing the mind blood barrier and therefore reduce brain infection.Black women might need different mammogram guidelines Many African-American females don’t in shape the profile of the common American female who gets breast malignancy. Lovell Jones, director of the guts for Analysis on Minority wellness at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Middle, says the rules recently released by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Drive covered a wide segment of American ladies based on the info obtainable. ‘Unfortunately,’ he says, ‘the data on African-Us citizens, Hispanics also to some degree Asian-Americans is limited.’ So as the recommendations might be befitting the general population, he says, it might possess a deleterious affect on African-American females who may actually have a higher threat of developing extremely deadly breasts cancers at early in existence.