Can reducing on calories treatment diabetes?

But calorie restriction may not be for everybody with diabetes, Dr. The CDC estimates that diabetes impacts 25.8 million people in the U.S., or 8 % of the populace roughly. Almost all cases are type 2 diabetes, the sort associated with obesity. The American Diabetes Association offers more on diabetes.. Can reducing on calories treatment diabetes? Have scientists hit upon a simple treatment for diabetes? New study demonstrates calorie restriction goes quite a distance toward eliminating the health problems that go hand in hand with type 2 diabetes. Images: 10 deadly myths about diabetes To test the effect of calorie restriction, Dutch researchers enlisted 15 obese women and men with type 2 diabetes and used MRI scans to check their hearts for fatty deposits that are known to impair cardiac function, regarding to a written declaration released by the Radiological Culture of North America.Within the last few years he has been working on making his results useful for human beings. ‘We are wanting to start checks on human eggs. Hopefully we are able to apply this in treatment centers within ten years’ says Liu.

Antiobesity gene Researchers have revealed an antiobesity gene that has apparently been keeping critters lean during moments of plenty since ancient times. The gene, first discovered by another united group in flies, helps to keep worms and mice trim also, based on the new survey in the September issue of Cell Metabolism, a publication of Cell Press. If the gene works similarly in human beings, the findings may lead to a fresh weapon against our burgeoning waistlines, according to the researchers.