Are hazmat fits for Ebola counterproductive?

Are hazmat fits for Ebola counterproductive? For healthcare workers and researchers, wearing pressurized, full-body suits around Ebola patients may be counterproductive to treating the disease, say three Spanish experts in a new letter published in the journal The Lancet. But other wellness experts, wary of wearing less protective equipment, disagree. Health agencies frequently require that health care workers caring for Ebola patients wear hazardous material fits that drive back airborne diseases ?delivery . However the Ebola virus hardly ever spreads through the air, according to the researchers at the University of Valencia and Medical center La Paz-Carlos III, in Madrid.

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PICTURES: WILL THERE BE Any Possible Benefit to Smoking? ‘Patients also can become discouraged a treatment is not working and get worried about continuing to cover treatments they believe do not work,’ the study’s lead author, Dr. David Gonzales, a senior scientific investigator at the university, said in a created statement. ‘Consequently, cessation treatment for some patients could be discontinued before the prescribed treatment period is completed and the patient and/or the treatment considered a failure.’ The scientists followed a large number of smokers who were trying to quit over a 12-week plan.