China Skys Pain Relief patches enters Canadian market China Sky A single Medical.

China Sky’s Pain Relief patches enters Canadian market China Sky A single Medical, Inc. , a respected fully integrated pharmaceutical firm producing over-the-counter medications in the People’s Republic of China , today announced that the business has begun to export its TREATMENT patch to Canada. The first order included 40,000 patches, which can be purchased in some stores and supermarkets in Vancouver now . We are thrilled to have our TREATMENT patches enter the Canadian marketplace and see a lot of chance, commented Mr. Yan-qing Liu, CEO and Chairman of China Sky 1 Medical. We are now dealing with sales agent to estimate future sales volumes.

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To deal with the disease, China has increased financing for HIV/AIDS applications from $20 million each year in 2002 to $100 million annually in 2005. The country has criminalized discrimination against HIV-positive people also, has passed laws to safeguard patient data, provides antiretroviral HIV and drugs testing at no cost and promotes HIV/Helps awareness and condom use. In addition, the country has opened needle exchange-applications at 92 sites and plans to determine an additional 1,400 in the next three years. The national country also has implemented a policy that delivers heroin users with a methadone substitute.