A pathogen inactivation treatment made to protect against transfusion-transmitted diseases.

Cerus’ INTERCEPT platelets therapeutically effective even after a week of storage Cerus Company announced today that INTERCEPT-treated platelet elements were found to work for patient support following prolonged six and seven day time storage in a scientific study conducted at four sites in Europe. These data confirm the protection further and therapeutic efficacy of platelets treated with the INTERCEPT Bloodstream System, a pathogen inactivation treatment made to protect against transfusion-transmitted diseases motilium10mg.com/how-to-treat-altitude-sickness.htm . Miguel Lozano of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, the study’s lead investigator. The ability to store platelets much longer than five days can be essential to maintaining a satisfactory supply, but extended storage of typical platelets creates an increased risk of transfusion-transmitted infection.


In 2005 November, Pfizer submitted a European advertising authorization application for varenicline for smoking cessation.. Chantix will help smokers quit Chantix was been shown to be effective with a good safety profile seeing that an aid to smoking cessation treatment, according to 3 pivotal research published in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association. Chantix, the first new prescription cigarette smoking cessation medication approved in nearly ten years, received U.S. Drug and Food Administration authorization on May 10. Chantix is expected to be accessible in U.S. Pharmacies in August. Because smokers need considerable support to give up successfully, Chantix will be accessible to patients with a support program made to help address behavioral components of smoking dependence.