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Wolfe Chair in Human Cancer Genetics. ‘In addition they are novel genes with unknown function and want further study.’ He mentioned that these genes may be applicants for a blood test for early detection. Key points linked to the study's findings include: The identified RNA signature may predict response to treatment, in addition to being prognostic; DNA methylation was used to confirm the association between mRNA expression and overall survival; The signature contains mutations in PIK3CA and its own pathway, indicating that the PIK3CA/AKT2/PTEN axis can be an independent and essential cofactor in prognosis; The prognostic worth of the built-in signature was highest in early stage I and II breasts cancers, causeing this to be a potentially precious biomarker signature in medical practice..Adding extra publisher metadata raises AuthorMapper’s worth and we desire to continue to incorporate content material from various other publishers onto these free of charge platforms,’ stated Dr. Olaf Ernst, Springer’s President of eProducts and Technology. ‘We are very delighted that BioMed Central’s content can now become visualized using AuthorMapper,’ stated Matthew Cockerill, Controlling Director, BioMed Central. ‘This tool will help researchers, funders, librarians and policymakers in identifying essential scientific trends and analysis patterns.