Various types of emergency employees require PPE.

An assortment of types of chemical-protective hats, hoods, gloves, and boot covers are used with the garments. Barrier gown and latex gloves: Barrier gowns are waterproof and protect against exposure to biological materials, including body liquids, but usually do not provide sufficient skin or mucous membrane security against chemical substances. Latex gloves also safeguard wearers from biological materials but are inadequate against most chemical substances. Barrier gowns, surgical masks, latex gloves, and leg and/or shoe covers together are called universal precautions.. Civilian Equipment Civilian rescue or emergency care workers need personal protective equipment while they respond to contaminated environments or rescue contaminated people.Among the problems that require to be addressed are a lack of incentives for fostering cooperation among private-sector parties and regulatory conflicts that promote open public welfare but impinge on individual rights. On the other hand, Judith Auerbach of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation argues that the concentrate of HIV prevention needs to be broadened, from changing the behavior of people to enabling societal-level wellness promotion and disease avoidance that will have got positive impacts beyond HIV/Helps.