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IS CT COLONOGRAPHY A PRECISE TEST? One recent study using special methodology found that CT colonography was able to detect colon polyps in addition to regular colonoscopy. This result hasn’t yet been verified in various other studies. Previous research of CT colonography experienced shown a very wide variety of results. Normally, previous results demonstrated that CT colonography was inferior to regular colonoscopy for recognition of colon polyps clearly, with many false negatives and false positives.And a table certified plastic surgeon means that he/she is usually tested and certified of experiencing expert skill and experience to conduct an effective surgery. But this does not show that a non-certified surgeon isn’t fit for the bill. A patient can look up the surgeon’s past affected person history, their performed breasts augmentation before after images, and talk to them and pay attention to their method of the results and medical procedures. Consulting a true number of surgeons before deciding may be beneficial. At the initial consultation Present a recently available health background to the cosmetic surgeon, and disclose all about your health, past illness and medical treatments. The surgeon might also question for a medical history of immediate family members to trace any symptoms in the individual that may impair or hinder the surgery and cause any complications while living with breast implants.