Richard Pan earns brand-new supervillain moniker: The Mercury Joker help Calif.

Click here for information on the Richard Pan recall effort, and sign up right here to volunteer to greatly help recall Richard Pan, the ‘Mercury Joker.’ Find out more about Dr. Richard Pan at this Truthwiki page.. CA Sen. Richard Pan earns brand-new supervillain moniker: The ‘Mercury Joker’ – help Calif. Residents recall this evil pharma puppet from general public office #CANPAN Every once in awhile, the evil nature and deeds of a particular individual rise to the level of such absurdity that a supervillain nickname becomes unavoidable. Today, we hilariously adorn Calif.Entecavir is an investigational oral antiviral discovered at Bristol-Myers Squibb that is made to selectively inhibit the Hepatitis B virus, blocking all three methods in the replication process.

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