According to a recently published study by experts at Wake Forest University Baptist INFIRMARY.

The findings provide hope of a better standard of living for cancer patients. Utilizing a rat model, the analysis drew on a hypothesis from prior studies a compound like the anti-hypertensive medication losartan can avoid the cognition loss that is closely-linked with radiation therapy for mind tumor treatment. The results, recently released in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics , may actually validate the hypothesis in rats and experts are optimistic that the same theory could very easily be employed in a human scientific trial setting as the drug used includes a long-established security profile in patients who’ve taken it to take care of high blood circulation pressure.During practice, players wear Triax mind sensors that are little more than enough to be slipped right into a headband. The sensors monitor the g-force of popular to the relative mind, that may cause jarring motion of the mind inside the skull. The data is after that delivered wirelessly in real-time to software applications that compiles the results. Athletic trainers may then see which player simply got hit in the top and how hard the strike was. They can monitor how hard and just how many times that participant sustained a member of family head injury throughout that practice, the growing season, or the span of their sports activities career even.