California ranks 35th in maternal mortality.

The quantity rises to 14.5 % among women of color. Obstacles to treatment are widespread: the most obvious being that across the United States nearly 13 million women of reproductive age , or one in five, have no health insurance. In California, 20.9 % of eligible women are uninsured; among women of color the true number of uninsured climbs to 28.5 %. The state’s Medicaid eligibility level for operating parents is also very low, $18,672. Lack of access to health care centers and suppliers is a issue nationwide, the report found; in California 49 % of women live in medically underserved areas.Now, as tyrants try to catalog the populace, people can only just wish that the tireless minority of freedom-loving People in america will rise up and prevent these crazy biometric scanning programs. It’s about control This ID rules would control employers aswell, requiring them to truly have a government scanning device, or an ‘ID scanner’ to confirm the ID cards. This may result in ‘ID scans’ for anything, including routine purchases aswell. It’s obvious that laws and regulations such as they are not really about immigration, similar to the Affordable Care Act isn’t about health care. Issues like they are more often than not about control. The real fight isn’t right vs. Remaining, democrat vs. Republican. The true fight is based on the independence of from federal government controlling and monitoring Us citizens’ every move.