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Penalties for violating the HITECH HIPAA and Act have been increased, making LearnSomething’s on-line series especially timely. Any training course in the LearnSomething on-line HIPAA series can be customized for a fee to include specific corporate plans and procedures. LearnSomething Releases Preventing Fraud also, Waste and Abuse to Help Companies Avoid Medicare Violations Penalties Medicare providers, sponsors and intermediaries can now review LearnSomething’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse compliance programs to see if they meet the standard for suggestion to their member organizations and participants. LearnSomething’s ‘Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse’ online programs provide a simple, cost effective approach to detecting and avoiding fraud, waste and abuse problems before they result in government investigations and fines.‘These next 4 weeks are crucial however, before the transplant takes place he must live without an immune system at all, but we’re all staying positive especially thanks to everyone’s kind words,’ Seth’s mom submitted on Facebook Thursday. ‘We are therefore excited to start to see the world blow up in yellow next friday!! Seth will probably LOVE IT!, a leading maker of Brain Fitness Software ( is partnering with Boomer Authority, a professional association for specialists and organizations that focus on the 50+ Baby Boomer demographic ( This partnership will create opportunities for Boomer Authority’s people to partner with CogniFit and provide CogniFit software – such as its flagship plan CogniFit Personal Coach – to their end users.